I don’t like to play a gender card and I have experienced gender equality most of the time except for a few mediocres. I still don’t deny that people, even in today’s so called modern times, consider women as a secondary element and are hesitant to accept their capabilities or blame them for using their gender for receiving favors.  This is so devastating that even the intelligent and progressive class and even the other women are being a part of this disgusting alliance. Recently, in a coaching session, my client mentioned how she suffered this gender issue when she was promoted and preferred over a few senior male professionals. It reminded me of my experience. I have climbed the growth ladder as a professional, quite faster than many of my colleagues. I remember how some of them have conveniently ignored my hard work and efforts and attributed all my success to my physical beauty. I wasn’t surprised that the status is still the same after so many years. Though, women empowerment and development remains a most popular topic for every discussion. Of course,  I never wanted to influence her with my experience and opinion, thus, we discussed about the best approach to deal with this and guess what, we have almost the same response.

1. Be yourself, no matter whether or not others approve or validate your identity.

2. Let them call you aggressive,  overboard or outspoken, be at the top of everything,  take charge and keep being assertive.
3. Not everyone can handle a strong woman, don’t even expect, be strong enough and self-assured.
4. Let them call you dominating,  show up your leadership qualities and outshine.
5. Do not limit your possibilities or have a self-doubt based on someone else’s judgment (who is least concerned about focusing on self.)
6. Be fearless and honest to what you think is right. That’s all that matters.
7. Take as much space as you want, don’t shrink yourself to fit in the boundaries created by others.
Author: Dr. Shraddha KulkarniDr. Shraddha Kulkarni Mrs India | International Speaker | Inspirational Woman 2021| World Peace Ambassador | Transformational Image Coach & Consultant

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