Kamlesh Thakur

Mr. Kamlesh Thakur has worked in the software development & IT sector for over 17 years, traveled to a few countries, lived as an expat in a few of them. He has served multiple industry types as Projects, Program and Change Leader. A few years ago he published his 1st book called "A Middle Class Dream" which was placed as an honorable mention in the Paris Book awards 2015. Then he released the 2nd book with the title "Run Your Day & Stop Having it Run You". Based on this framework, he created his 1st online course program on productivity and purpose driven goal setting recently and the 2nd course on Fitness for career professionals with high stress jobs Topics he speaks on mainly revolve around Leadership & Influence, Transformation (Leading Changes) that leads to Empowerment, Marketing, Leveraging Diversity & Importance of Fitness in the Corporate Culture.
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