A growth-addicted startup may have it all – idea, funding, customers – yet it might struggle with keeping its business on the run. Mentorship is considered a critical foundational component for building a successful startup. A mentor is as important as an investor for a startup. And therefore, SpeakIn has invited some of the most invaluable investors and mentors Suresh Mahalingam – Investor and Startup Mentor | John Paul – Investor and Former President TiE Kerala | Anupam Saronwala – Investor Indian Angel Network for an exclusive Q&A webinar for all the ambitious entrepreneurs on April 30, 2020, at 5:00 P.M.

Most investors themselves have been mentors, and they hence look for passionate entrepreneurs who have the zeal to learn. The life journey of a mentor and their expertise can save a young entrepreneur from making disastrous decisions. Great product/service is good for a searing pain point and for good market tractio, but a great mentor is equally important to sustain and develop these elements. Research from the Federation of Small Businesses has shown that small businesses that have received mentorship have superior survivability rates when compared to non-mentored businesses.

Moreover, the burden of keeping your business afloat can make you rush into decisions that might not prove too beneficial for the organisation in the long run. It has been concluded through research that the magnitude of success of a business with mentors as compared to ones without a mentor is remarkably high. They also give you access to networks and resources that they have built over the years. A formal mentor is like a secret weapon for an entrepreneur that gives him a competitive edge.

Let’s get one-on-one with some of the most revered investors in India and get our questions answered. We are all in it together. To create a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem, let’s engage in an insightful Q&A with industry experts and mentors who have helped shape several businesses and saved them from critical pitfalls.

Register now at  https://www.speakin.co/webinar-details/17

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