8 Essential Points For Training Your New Sales Team

Training a new salesperson can be intimidating even for an experienced salesperson. This is because there is a huge difference between taking knowledge and imparting the same to someone else.

Sales is a job that requires an enormous amount of patience. Teaching a new salesperson is no different. A lot of patience and a proper learning strategy should be built before you take up the training of a new salesperson in your hands.

Below is a to-do list of the things you must follow to train a new salesperson. Following the list will help you enormously in building a training plan which would prove fruitful.

Make it exciting

It is essential to make your training session exciting for the new trainees. Long and dull training sessions often prove to be fruitless.

Making their jobs interesting in your trainees’ minds can help you have a successful training session and have good and dedicated salespersons in your team in the future.

Go from easy to hard. 

” I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.”- Mark Zuckerberg.

This holds even while training newbies.

It is pointless to start with the hardest tasks in your training sessions. The right way to go about it is to start from the easiest tasks and gradually move towards acing the hard ones.

This would help boost your trainees’ confidence and the company’s future sales.

Give a tour of the entire department. 

Before diving deep into the training sessions, it is advised for you to give your trainees a trip of the entire department and tell them how it functions and processes.

It often happens that we explain the minute details of a process but forget about the big picture. The big picture doesn’t only help understand the system but also invites innovation into any task.

Thus, make sure your trainees can see the big picture.

Teach software thoroughly the new trainees need to be thoroughly updated about all the software used in your company.

Technical knowledge might not be the soul of your training sessions but is inevitable in its requirement. Give them some time to get acquainted with the software and answer their queries promptly.

Set up group training sessions 

Group training sessions can be very effective in bringing out the best among your trainees.

It is also the backbone of developing team spirit among young trainees. Include group training and group tasks in your training sessions to build trust among the team members, ultimately helping them work together smoothly.

Demonstrate live calls and meetings 

The most crucial part of ensuring the training knowledge stays on with the trainees is giving them hands-on experience.

Demonstrating live sales calls and sales meetings in front of your trainees is the most important part of your training sessions.

This is the part where they learn the practicalities about their job. It doesn’t just teach them what to do but also ‘how to do it and ‘when to do it.

Give tasks 

No training sessions are complete without giving your students the tasks they must complete to prove their learning.

This step can be either performed throughout the training sessions or saved for the last part.

You can judge how each individual handles priority management, meeting deadlines, and works smartly to manage all the given tasks.

Monitor performance 

There is no point in giving tasks or training if no one monitors the trainees’ performances.

Monitoring helps understand and analyze your trainees’ individual and group performances and helps you determine which task is better suited for whom.

Following the above-mentioned tasks to help your trainee understand everything very clearly and effectively. This would automatically make your training sessions a success.

However, the execution of each of the points in practice is important. Proper observation and analysis can help you improve your training sessions and be more effective in the future.

Author: Ravindra Warang

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