Women Entrepreneurs – Changing face of the nation

It is safe to say that for a developing country, India has been progressing well.

It is the world’s largest democracy with a growing GDP and freedom and equality for all.  One half of its population – the Indian women, also seem to be excelling in the fields of education, science, sports and business and whatnot. Yet, there is still an unrelenting regressiveness against giving women the steering wheel.

For instance, education wise – are we doing enough for the girl child?

Support wise – are we doing enough for a working woman?

Do we have safe environment for girl child and amiable ecosystem for a woman entrepreneur?

It’s about time that we as Indians start asking these questions.

We have 8 million women entrepreneurs in India who are actually changing the face of the nation. These women are generating income for themselves, creating jobs and also supporting livelihoods. For a country where women traditionally covered their faces, were forced to give up education and could only dream of having a career (other than one of managing a household) – this is a gigantic stride.

Women inspire each other and become role models and support systems for other women to become financially independent. We have seen several women led startups that are working towards creating opportunities or have policies that help women find amiable environment to work.

When the female population of a developing country starts a business, it is not just creating jobs; it is creating safer work environment for men and women both.  As per various studies, women led firms are always considered safer workplaces. A successful woman is an inspiration for others. She inspires young girls who wish to be like her. She paves the way for other amazingly talented humans who are capable of solving some serious problems, for themselves, others or for the whole country.

Successful women entrepreneurs also create happier families. It is said that businesses mirror society, and as in the case of women-led families where children are observed to be more independent and harness habits of getting things done themselves, women-led organizations prosper into happy families that together work towards making the world a better place.

Women entrepreneurs are not required just for social inclusion, they are the need of the hour for India to accelerate its progress.

Going back a decade or two, when women were struggling to get out of their houses and work, the handful of educated and working women back then defined and changed the face of the society. They made the society more accepting, which brought around an array of cultural and psychological shifts. This decade the same shift is being brought about by women entrepreneurs. They are slowly rewiring the societal brain into accepting women to get behind the wheel and empower other women. This new change would be an end to the patriarchal era and bring forward a more inclusive society where everyone is accepted with an open mindset and freedom prevails.

Author: Iti RawatIti Rawat is a serial Entrepreneur Founder and Managing Director of Acquire Consultancy since June 2013 and Founder & Director at Think Hall Academy from July 2014. Also she is heading various international and national retail projects to consult them at various level. She is motivational speaker, NLP Practitioners, Coach and soft skill trainer.

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