There’s a major need for Career Counseling these days. Every student is unique and expresses specific strengths and interest.

Everyone is different. They have different interests, talents, ability and desires in life. It is incorrect to assume that a student would want to pick a particular career field just because he/she scores well in that subject. Individuality is an important part of your future and that’s when career counselling comes into the picture. “I strongly believe that each and every student must get attention and knowledge at the right time,”

“We as educators should intrigue children as to what their goals are and how to attain them.” Career Counseling helps a student to wisely pick the right subjects resulting in following their desired career path.

It is extremely important to pay utmost attention to every student’s desire from a very young age. With multiple subjects, streams and colleges, it is too stressful for a student to study and manage all these things.

That’s when professional career counselling helps! The process of analyzing a student’s psychological state of mind and personality with various counselling methods & techniques helps the student have some clarity about his/her future.

Sometimes multiple counselling causes stress and confusion to the student.

Counselling from parents, school teacher, cousins, family members, neighbours, and so on, adds up to a student’s confused career plan.

It is always suggested to consult an expert in this case, since he/she is an expert in the counselling domain and has an up to date information regarding various courses etc.

Author: Perwaiz AshrafPerwaiz is a dynamic marketing and business development professional with over 18 years of extensive experience in building and managing goal oriented, multi-disciplinary teams across Consumer Goods, Telecom & Online Media industries. He is known for his entrepreneurial strengths & effective communication skills. Currently, he is the managing partner at IQ Point, Patna. Perwaiz has a knack for applying well-honed analytical and interpersonal skills of researching, designing and implementing strategies to generate business productivity. He has a successful track record applying well-honed analytical and interpersonal skills to researching, designing and implementing strategies to generate on-going and immediate revenue. Prior to founding IQ Point, he has been associated with Getit Infoservices (P) Ltd., Reliance Telecom and S Tel Pvt. Ltd. With several personal and team achievements in his professional career, he is quite passionate about driving success and motivates people to explore, challenge and improve themselves.

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