Top Motivational Women Speakers In Dubai

Dubai, a city of opulence and innovation, pulsates with the energy of ambition and possibility. As the glittering skyline meets the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai stands as a beacon of modernity, attracting global talent and a home to an dynamic community of Female motivational speakers. Dubai is also an hub for conferences and meetings that attract delegates from around the world. Notably, recent conferences like COP28, EIGENE, and the Dubai Business Summit. 

So whether your conference delegates are Dubai-based or flying in from around the globe, These Women motivational speakers in Dubai, rich in global experience and fresh insights, serve as catalysts for change and innovation.

The best 10 female motivational speakers in Dubai  

1) Samar Hajir

Samar Hajir

Samar Hajir (MCC) is a Master Certified Coach with over 3500+ hours of ICF-approved coaching experience. With a background in corporate counselling, HR, and working with governmental institutions and the private sector in the UAE, Samar understands the challenges and demands of the current environment. Her expertise spans a wide spectrum of topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Self-Love and Well-Being, Spirituality and Inner Growth, Healthy Relationships

Samar’s impact extends beyond coaching sessions. She was a distinguished guest speaker at the “FIRST MENA MCC COACHATHON “2023, reaching over 1000+ people. Her live coaching demo earned her recognition as one of the best coaches in the MENA region by the International Coaching Federation.

Whether in boardrooms, classrooms, or virtual spaces, Samar Hajir continues to inspire minds and transform lives, leaving an indelible mark on the world of coaching and personal development. Her ability to blend wisdom, empathy, and practical strategies makes her one of the leading women motivational speakers and a mentor in Dubai.

2) Avneet Kohli

Avneet Kohli

Avneet Kohli is a renowned Life and Business Vision Coach, Startup Consultant, and Founding Partner at StartUp Network Encubay. With over 8 years of experience, Avneet has collaborated with nearly 300 reputed brands, including Apple, Samsung, Amazon, L’oreal, Google, and the Trump Organization. Her expertise lies in high-profile Events & Television content, where she has left an indelible mark. Avneet’s last speech, titled “The Two Lovers That Kill Dreams”, emphasized the pivotal role of Mindset and Confidence in achieving success. 

She has garnered a strong following on social media platforms where she engages with her audience and shares valuable insights her accomplishments include being awarded Best Presenter (Female) at the Live Quotient Awards in 2015. 

As one of the Top female Motivational Women Speakers in Dubai, her impact resonates globally, she continues to curate impactful learning programs, empowering others to enhance their communication skills and build unwavering confidence.

3) Tima Deryan

Tima deryan

Tima Deryan is a force of nature, carving her name in the annals of mountaineering, social entrepreneurship, and personal development. As a  mountaineer, she holds the distinction of being the youngest Arab and first Lebanese woman to summit Mount Everest, braving one of the deadliest seasons on the mountain in 2019. Her spirit for exploration extends beyond Everest, as she’s conquered 25+ high mountains and is the first Lebanese woman to ski the last degree to the South Pole.

However, Tima’s influence transcends the physical realm. She is a renowned mindset coach and the founder of Mountain Gipsy, a company dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. Through her coaching and best-selling children’s books, she advocates for gender balance, women’s empowerment, and inspires people to lead purposeful and impactful lives.

4) Senela Jayasuriya

Senela Jayasuriya

Senela Jayasuriya is a multi-award-winning Global CEO, Keynote Speaker, and Leadership Expert. Her passion lies in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as well as innovation. With a remarkable track record, Senela has worked with over 15,000 professionals and organizational teams, helping them transform their careers and enhance performance effectiveness.

As the Founder & CEO of Women Empowered Global and the visionary behind 1 Million Women in Power, Senela is committed to cultivating women leaders worldwide.  

Senela has been recognized by the Women Economic Forum for her outstanding contributions. She as also received Women Icons Asia Award , Global Women in Leadership Award and senela GCPIT acknowledges her as a Top 150 Global Women Leaders .

Senela’s most recent speech, titled “Breaking the Gender Bias”, delved into dismantling stereotypes and fostering an inclusive workplace. Her insights inspire change, challenge norms, and empower individuals to create a more equitable environment make her one of unique Female motivational speaker in Dubai.

5) Eman Al Suwaidi

Eman Al Suwaidi

Eman Al Suwaidi is an accomplished leadership coach, seasoned trainer, and ACCA Chartered Accountant. With over a decade of experience, she has left an indelible mark on the corporate landscape. Eman’s commitment to excellence earned her recognition as a CX Rockstar at the 2019 Customer Experience Asia Excellence Awards. As a trailblazing rescue diver, she became the first Emirati certified rescue diver in the UAE, demonstrating resilience and determination. As a Women motivational speaker, she inspires others to embrace change, lead with purpose, and create lasting impact.

6) Dr. Maryam Matar


Dr. Matar is a big advocate of allowing the community into healthcare and has a solid background and expertise in sustainable growth, strategic planning and leadership, public policy, and advocacy. She is the primary woman Director General of the Community Development Authority (CDA), which undertakes to form social policies and release social services that are in line with and add to the achievement of the social development objectives of Dubai Strategic Plan 2007 – 2015, launched by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum on February 3rd, 2007. 

7) Muna Abu Sulayman

Muna AbuSulayman

Muna Abu Sulayman is an Arab and Muslim media personality. She is also the past founding Secretary-General of the Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation, the philanthropic arm of HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal’s Kingdom Holding Company, and co-host one of MBC TV’s most popular social programs, Kalam Nawaem (“Speech of the Soft”). In August 2013, Ms. AbuSulayman was published as the Global Ambassador of Silatech.

As a public and media personality, she has lectured and written about society, women’s rights, community development, media, and creating connections of understanding between the East and West. 

8) Maryam Bin Theneya

Maryam Bin Theneya

Twenty years of experience varied from IT professional at Dubai Courts to IT director at EO, Engineers Office, IT and Communication Director at Dubai Foundation for Women And Children to Government Communication Director at Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. Managing people and driving teams to achieve goals are my key drivers professionally. 

9) Amna Sultan Al Owais

Amna Sultan Al Owais

Amna entered the DIFC Courts in 2006. She became the Deputy Registrar in 2008 and Deputy Chief Executive of the Dispute Resolution Authority in 2014. Before her employment at the DIFC Courts, she trained as a lawyer in the litigation department with Hadef Al Dhahiri and Associates (Hadef& Partners now) in Dubai. Before that, she taught at the UAE Ministry of Justice and was allowed to study in both the Dubai local and federal courts. Amna obtained her Masters’s (LLM) with a Commendation in International Commercial Law from Kingston University, London.

10) Maria Conceicao

Maria Conceicao

Maria’s story reaches great heights, but also one that takes many falls. Her path has often been steep, with plenty of twists and usually turns out of her control. It’s a story that takes audiences on a journey, where they cannot help but be immersed in the difficult situations that she has had to face. It inspires. It makes you want to do more with your life. No excuses. From a difficult beginning, losing a mother at two years old and again at nine years old, Maria has faced adversity from an early age.

Bottom Line

Dubai, where ambition and innovation converge, these 10 women Motivational speakers have left an indelible mark. Their stories, passion, and unwavering commitment to inspire change resonate across audiences. Let’s recap the influential voices that ignite enthusiasm, instill self-belief, and foster positive transformation.

Remember that motivation knows no boundaries these Female speaker exemplify courage, compassion, and the power to transform lives. Let their voices echo through your endeavors, igniting your own journey toward greatness

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