Top 10 International Women Speakers for IWD 2024


Mark your calendars, raise your voices, and prepare to be inspired!

International Women’s Day 2024 isn’t just a fleeting celebration – it’s a catalyst for change. Imagine a society where 50% of the world’s population isn’t under-represented in leadership roles: a world where the gender pay gap is a relic of the past, and innovation thrives fueled by diverse perspectives. That’s the future International Women’s Day whispers into existence.

This year UNO has announced the theme of #countherin a direct attack on the economic gender gap. Aligned with UN goals, it urges investment in women and girls, boosting their opportunities in the digital age and accelerating progress towards equality.

Consider this: companies with diverse leadership teams outperform their less diverse counterparts by 21% (McKinsey & Company, 2023). And while women hold only 21% of board seats globally (World Economic Forum, 2023), their voices represent 50% of the world’s talent pool, brimming with untapped potential.

This should remind Organizations: Investing in women’s equality isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smartest.

Here are the Top 10  Women speakers who can blow open your conference room doors and inject your event with a potent dose of fresh perspectives, disruptive ideas, and actionable insights this International Women’s Day 2024.

1. Mimi Nicklin

Mimi Nicklin on Speakin for International Womens Day

Mimi Nicklin, a globally acclaimed author of the bestseller “Softening the Edge,” is an inspirational force, renowned for her charismatic screen presence and infectious energy. 

As the host of “Empathy for Breakfast 365” and founder of the groundbreaking platform, Empathy Everywhere, Mimi is a seasoned professional with 15+ years in advertising across 25+ markets. Her commitment is both contagious and authentic, instantly captivating audiences. 

Companies seeking a compelling International Women’s Day speaker will benefit from Mimi’s aspirational yet accessible approach, as her profound insights and personable demeanour create a transformative experience, fostering empathy and inclusivity in the workplace.

2. Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox on Speakin for International Women's Day

Jessica Cox, the world’s first armless pilot, isn’t just a keynote speaker – she’s a revolution in human potential

Forget overcoming limitations, Cox shatters them, navigating planes, cars, and life’s challenges with unwavering resolve and her ever-nimble feet. 

Jessica has achieved a Black belt in Taekwondo, demonstrating her dedication and athletic prowess despite her physical limitations.

She brings a unique perspective on disability and overcoming limitations. She can electrify your IWD audience with her story of resilience, redefining what’s possible, and embracing audacious dreams. Witness leadership redefined, diversity ignited, and your team empowered to soar beyond perceived barriers.

3. Christine Amour-Levar

Christine Amour Levar on Speakin for International Womens Day

This philanthropist, adventurer, and sustainability champion has climbed mountains (literally and figuratively) to become a leader in tackling our world’s toughest issues.

She is one of the best adventurers, Pushing boundaries as a record-breaking explorer, taking all-female teams on pioneering expeditions to raise awareness and funds for underprivileged women affected by climate change.

Imagine the magnetic pull as Amour-Levar shares her story – from overcoming early challenges to spearheading record-breaking expeditions that empower women on the frontlines of climate change. 

You can witness her passionate advocacy for gender equality and environmental justice This International Women’s Day in  2024.

4. Kiran Bedi 

kiran Bedi on Speakin for International Womens Day

From policing the toughest streets to reforming the world’s largest prison, Kiran Bedi’s story is a testament to human resilience and a relentless pursuit of justice. 

This is no ordinary speaker – Bedi is a storm-weathering leader who shattered glass ceilings in the Indian Police Service and reshaped the notorious Tihar prison complex into a beacon of rehabilitation. 

Imagine the electrifying presence as she takes the stage, sharing insights on leadership in the face of adversity, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, and combating corruption at its root. 

Her story of navigating a male-dominated field and establishing herself as a trailblazer can boost the confidence in the female representation of your organizations too.

5. Anthea Collier

Anthea Collier on Speakin for International Women's Day

Anthea Collier, the accomplished Managing Director of Randstad Sourceright, brings over two decades of expertise in crafting and executing outsourced talent acquisition programs. 

With a remarkable 15-year tenure in the U.S., Anthea specialized in designing and delivering managed service programs (MSP) and recruitment process outsourcing solutions (RPO). Since 2010, she has steered the quality delivery of these solutions in the dynamic Asia-Pacific region, demonstrating an acute understanding of its unique challenges. 

Anthea’s passion lies in leveraging recruitment technology for enhanced candidate engagement and efficiency. She addresses pivotal questions on diversity, performance, and inclusive behavior, shedding light on how these elements foster a thriving work culture, productivity, and innovation within organizations. 

Anthea Collier emerges as an insightful choice for International Women’s Day, offering a wealth of knowledge to inspire and empower diverse audiences.

6. Senela Jayasuriya

Senela Jeyasuriya on Speakin for International Womens Day

Senela, a global speaker, award-winning leadership trainer, and certified coach, is dedicated to guiding individuals on a journey of self-development, encouraging them to bring their authentic selves to the workplace.

Senela’s profound impact lies in guiding others to unearth their hidden potential, conquer fears, and shatter self-limiting beliefs, catalyzing remarkable career turnarounds and heightened performance effectiveness. 

Recognized internationally with numerous awards, her commitment to empowering individuals for peak performance resonates on a profound level. With a passion for helping people discover their potential for a higher purpose, she embodies the spirit of International Women’s Day. 

Her journey and accolades make her an inspiring choice, promising to bring wisdom, motivation, and a transformative perspective to any celebration of women’s achievements.

7. ChrisAnn Phelan

Chris Ann Phelan for on Speakin for International Women's Day

ChrisAnn Phelan, a distinguished Strategy & Operational Leader at The Estée Lauder Companies and Certified Coach, stands as a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in Fortune 500 companies and startups. 

Her expertise lies in translating strategy into scalable global technology and operations, driving business-ready solutions. As the Director of Strategy and Operations, she brings unparalleled value through project success, product delivery, and enterprise-wide alignment to value streams. 

Beyond her corporate accomplishments, ChrisAnn’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her utility patent and the founding of a featured shoe company, recognized by the New York Times and Nikkei Marketing Journal. 

As an ICF/ACC/PCC Coaching certified professional for 7 years, ChrisAnn’s coaching prowess extends to Fortune 500 leaders. Inviting her to an International Women’s Day corporate event promises to enrich the occasion with her multifaceted experience, leadership insights, and commitment to empowering the next generation.

8. Dr. Kate Barker

Kate Barker on Speakin for International Womens Day

A global thought leader on the future of work. Over 30 years advising Fortune 500s, governments, and future cities like NEOM on building agile workforces and thriving in a changing world. Keynote speaker, executive coach, author, and champion of diversity & inclusion. She helps leaders crack the code of tomorrow’s workplace, today.

Kate’s commitment to driving organizational resilience, innovation, and diversity, equity, and inclusion aligns seamlessly with the themes of International Women’s Day. 

As a trailblazer in guiding global executive teams on the future of work, the role of AI, technology in HR, and Women in Leadership, Dr. Kate Barker promises to deliver profound perspectives and strategic foresight that will inspire and empower your audience.

9. Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen

Zu_Anjalika_Kamis_Gunnulfsen-on Speakin for International Womens Day

Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen, a multifaceted powerhouse, seamlessly juggles roles as a self-development coach, former beauty queen, image & personal branding coach, yoga & wellness instructor, and founder of Fab! Luxe magazine. 

Hailing from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Oslo, she embodies a global perspective. Beyond professional achievements, Zu Anjalika is a passionate advocate for personal growth, using her diverse platform to champion women’s empowerment and holistic well-being. 

Her unique blend of coaching, yoga, and mindfulness reflects a balanced approach to life. With a multicultural and multilingual background, Zu Anjalika connects authentically with diverse audiences. 

Inviting her to International Women’s Day 2024 promises a captivating speaker who not only shares her enriching life journey but also inspires with her commitment to empowering women, fostering personal growth, and promoting holistic well-being.

10. Joyce Talag

Joyce_Talag-on Speakin for International Womens Day

Joyce Talag, a dynamic Life & Leadership Coach at Joyful Transformations, stands out as a beacon of empowerment and positive impact. Holding the prestigious Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation, Joyce boasts an impressive track record with over 1,200 hours of coaching experience. 

Her transformative influence extends across diverse leadership levels, from high potentials to C-suite executives, in Fortune 500 companies, technology firms, and humanitarian organizations. Joyce’s holistic approach to leadership transformation is a testament to her commitment to guiding individuals toward their authentic leadership styles. 

With a remarkable ability to foster self-development and consistency in leadership journeys, Joyce Talag is one of the top women speakers to consider for International Women’s Day 2024. Her achievements and dedication make her a compelling speaker, offering invaluable insights into leadership, authenticity, and holistic success.


This International Women’s Day, choose more than just applause. Choose transformation. Ignite your event with the voices of these remarkable women, each a mosaic of inspiration, wisdom, and action. From scaling boardrooms to conquering mountains, from shattering glass ceilings to empowering villages, they offer invaluable insights, actionable strategies, and a potent dose of human connection.

Remember, celebrating women isn’t just a one-day event – it’s a commitment to building a world where every voice is heard, every dream is pursued, and every potential is unleashed. So, invite these visionaries, open your minds, and let their stories be the spark that ignites change within your organization, your community, and your world.

Come, celebrate this Women’s Day with SpeakIn, which is a global platform for Women’s voice and empowerment. This year in alignment with UNO’s initiative, we are celebrating Women’s Day with the theme of #countherinwithspeakin. 

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