Thinking of Personal Branding? Become a Pull Brand using power of Linkedin.

Hey Leader, Theories say, we have evolved from being chimpanzees to humans. However when it comes to humans’ personal branding. They say we have evolved from being an individual person to being a product/service to be a brand & now being a walking talking Media platform.

Gary Vaynerchuk whom people call the father of Social Media is found usually saying be the walking talking media today. Unless you think like a media company you won’t be able to establish yourself as a brand & win the game.

When it comes to personal branding, leaders are aware they have to become a powerful personal brand. What they are usually not aware is they also need to think & behave like a walking-talking media or content generation company.

Each of us has to realize, irrespective of our hierarchy at corporate levels, irrespective of the profession we are in, irrespective of work we do, irrespective of money we earn that we are all constantly content-generating intelligent machines.

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The input for our social media content posting can taken from what we see, what we say, what we smell, what we eat, what we hear, how we analyse situations around, what we observe, what we think, how we feel, how we would like to express, literally everything is input for our content.

Leaders generate written, audio, video, image content from these inputs only. They increase their ripple of influence, they expand their impact online & offline using the above inputs for their content.

That’s how they never fall short of sharing content on social media platforms or offline through their speaking or writing opportunities.

When it comes to personal branding, we all need to evolute our personal brand, from being no brand to a being a brand to being the desired brand to becoming an irresistible brand.

So how does one go about building a personal brand on social media, exclusively a goldmine called Linkedin?

Even if you start putting 2 liners value-driven content on Linkedin from today onwards, you will see within 3 months your personal brand is going to evolve. How do you do it?

1) Wake up in the morning, after routine tasks are over, think of what was positive learning of yesterday. Think what was the key learning out of all experience of yesterday or a couple of days back.

2) Now write that experience without taking anyone’s name in value-adding 2-4 liners eg. I met a CXO of a company yesterday and I drew this learning that big IT companies’ CXOs are now thinking in terms of disruptive communication practices, as in they wanna now communicate with their teams on daily basis via video messages to motivate them the first thing they wake up in the morning.

So I will now write my content as- Top management is now using all disruptive ways of communication to inspire teams the moment their team members wake up in the morning. Inspiration is what you get from your leaders via video message first thing in the morning.

3) Fine some of you might face problem in writing that explicitly, or clearly, do you have good oratory skills, then record a voice memo and post it with 1-5 liners on LinkedIn. If not that then do you prefer making a little video while doing your exercise or walk, make 1 min video and post it on LinkedIn. Do you have creative skills to express it in image or cartoon form, make a quote and set it along with that image.

4) you might even take the support of twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, besides LinkedIn come what may whatever the platform, think whats viable platform for you to use, where is your target audience, who are you creating value for & hence you are good to go.

5) Choose a social media platform that suits your persona, where you find it engaging your audience easier, where you yourself enjoy being most. So now you are content ready, context ready, just be consistent, post daily (daily means daily) to witness your personal branding evolving.

You will gradually start noticing, initially, you are pushing your actions on social media platforms like LinkedIn, every day you have to push yourself to write your content, express your insights, share your views, engage with other leaders’ posts.

In that scenario you are creating yourself to push personal brand for time being, there might come a stage after your consistent value addition for about a year when you will start to notice the difference, now all top authorities have started liking your content, people or your audience love to see your content on daily basis, sometimes when you get to talk to them, you hear them saying, hey we wait for your content.

You will notice after your consistent push actions that have been rigorously adding value through your perspective, positive vibes, vision, purpose and passion, people are actually spreading your popularity through word of mouth on social media. You get to have more reshares & comments & likes on your LinkedIn posts.

In a nutshell, you have now started converting into a Pull Personal Brand from being a Push Personal Brand.

Finally from being a Push Brand to a Pull Brand. Wherein a Push brand is when you have to push your personal branding to online & offline platforms, you do push actions that create ripples of influence.

Salute to Pull Personal Brands like Simon Sinek Gary Vaynerchuk Narendra Modi

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There must come a stage when your personal brand becomes a pull brand, wherein people visit your profile, they search you on the net for your value-adding insights, for your thought leadership & more.

The freeway to build your brand is to engage on LinkedIn. What push actions r is u doing today to become tomorrow’s pull personal brand?

About the author:- Divya Shlokam is a global business show host, she is India’s leading authority in personal branding, a passionate LinkedIn content creator & c-suite coach for thought leadership showcasing & personal branding. She is CEO of award-winning content creation & marketing company & full-scale advertising agency.

Author: Divya ShlokamHi I am Divya Shlokam an International Public Speaking Award Winner 2019 & Chief Executive Officer of an Award winning Content, Media & Marketing Agency. I am also the Host of a Global Business Show primarily meant for Professionals & Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn & I invite Leaders from 100+ countries to feature on “Value Addition Global Show with over 150 episodes on 20 themes so far.”

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