SpeakIn presents TCS Asia Dialogues: Shaping the future of Malaysia: Moonshot opportunity.


SpeakIn, Asia’s largest digital learning platform, in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) launched the third edition of the TCS Asia Dialogues presented by SpeakIn in Malaysia. Prior to this, the last two editions that took place in Singapore revolved around the criticality of sustainability and cybersecurity in building nations. The series features progressive discussions on issues important for Asian businesses, governments, media and academia. 

With the theme, “Shaping the Future of Malaysia: Moonshot Opportunity” this edition was held in Kuala Lumpur on 16th January, 2024. This thought leadership and networking series brought together industry leaders, policymakers, and visionaries to explore strategies propelling Malaysia towards global leadership in the realms of technology, innovation, and sustainability. “We’re committed to contributing to Malaysia’s moonshot vision and future-proofing its economic transformation through expert learning,” said Ahfaz Ansari, VP Marketing & Chief Business Officer APAC at SpeakIn.

As the global economy faces unprecedented challenges and grapples with the consequences of climate change, Malaysia has emerged as a beacon of untapped potential. “Moonshot requires imagination, and all the tech visionaries are striving to turn science fiction into reality. This is coupled with passion and empathy, which are required to solve the community’s problems, and that’s why the arts are also important in ceasing the opportunity,” said Shameem Farouk, Executive Vice President Digital Capability Development, Maybank. The Moonshot Opportunity event addressed pressing questions that will shape Malaysia’s future. 

The event had a lineup of esteemed speakers and thought leaders, with two panels each contributing valuable insights and engaging in robust discussions around technology, sustainability, and innovation. The first panel, moderated by Chari TVT, Board Member & Chairman of the Board Governance and Risk Committee, UEM Sunrise Berhad, revolved around the global economy & investment opportunities, technology & innovation, and sustainability & environmental protection. The panel was moderated by Chari TVT, featuring Kate Sweetman – Director of Leadership, Governance and Human Capital The SEACEN Centre, Shameem Farouk – Executive Vice President Digital Capability Development, Maybank and Euan Smith – Group CEO at Astro Astro, who discussed the key steps to keep Malaysia at the forefront of growth and disruption.“For any government to excel, it needs to focus on – infrastructure, which includes roads, airports, seaports, dams, railways, airlines, etc.; innovation; digitalization; education and training; inclusiveness or democratization of knowledge and access; and lastly, a supportive investment climate,” said Chari TVT in his opening remarks.

The second segment, fireside chat centered on talent, the digital economy, and innovation and was moderated by Mimi Nicklin – Bestselling Author, CEO, Empathy Everywhere Academy. The panelists included Rony Ambrose Gobilee – Chief Strategy Officer, HRD Corp, Raymond Siva – Senior Vice President Digital Investment, Chief Digital Investment Officer Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), and Jeevan Rajoo – Country Head & Board Member TCS Malaysia. “Leaders must navigate the delicate balance between embracing new technology and harnessing existing talents to infuse a human touch into the evolving digital landscape,” said Rony Ambrose Gobilee. In a rapidly changing era, marked by transformative advancements, the panel discussed the importance of the evolving talent in Malaysia and the knowledge, strategies, and foresight required to thrive in such a time.

Mr. Praveen Kumar, Co-founder of SpeakIn’s mentioned that his biggest takeaway from the session was, “Empowering the youth through upskilling, fostering education accessibility, and cultivating supportive ecosystems for enterprises and startups are the keystones to shaping a robust and innovative future for economies.”

About SpeakIn 

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