We are generally busy in our life, in our daily routines, or even on social media. We are surrounded by too many ‘friends’ who quickly disappear in moments of true despair when we need help the most. The truth lies in the fact that we can solve our own problems in a much quicker and better way.


To help ourselves in these trying times, mental balance and patience is the key. Practicing introspective thinking as well as realistic thinking can surely help reach a desired solution. Self-acceptance, forgiving your own genuine mistakes, and living in the present wisely, can help maintain the most required mental peace.

It’s okay to feel bad or stressed at times, feels avoided or neglected, saturated and blocked, but to cope with it is the key, that cannot be dropped. If this isn’t true in your case and if stress is blocking your productivity and joy in life, it’s time to talk about it and find out if you are facing any serious mental health issues or just a normal stress condition that can also be cured in a professional way.

We, as multi-tasking normal people, sometimes feel these symptoms and try to avoid them and that’s when the problem widens. It’s time we see our mind like an important ‘organ’ in our body and consider the much-needed medical repairs just as normal as a regular ordinary cough or cold which can be treated fast and easily but if untreated, only worsens.
Just as you would see a doctor for a physical illness, you can see a close friend, a family member, or even a professional in the required field or a psychologist or a psychiatrist for help. Avoiding these issues or surrendering to alcoholism, drugs, and abusive substances instead, is useless since it’s a pretense of pleasure which is short-lived and also detrimental to life itself. So what are you waiting for? Rise above your weakness and fight stress or a mental illness to stay strong and joyful!

However it’s easier said than done, so we must take care of our minds on a daily basis. There are many recreational activities that we are aware of, but we must incorporate them into a recreational routine and follow them diligently. Various forms of arts and crafts have proved to be therapeutic and spending quality time alone or with friends and family while indulging in any form of art like drawing, painting, singing, dancing, and gaming, to name a few have proved helpful. Watching a television show or movie can never compensate for it as mindful activities are self-healing activities. They infuse us with positive energy and release stress.

Our mind is our most beautiful and important dwelling and taking optimum care of its health is a sign of a responsible citizen. By being mentally healthy and strong, we are not only helping our own productivity but also our society at large and the world. Together we can become safer and stronger societies for future generations to come…

Happy Mental Health ‘Every Day’!

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