Salary deduction, office politics, sinking self-esteem, job insecurity, and the never-ending struggle of balancing personal liabilities with professional deadlines, are the grim realities of today’s corporate life. We have all been there, haven’t we? A question that often stares right in the face of an employer is, ‘How to keep my employees motivated?’

Motivational speakers and experts across industries in Corporate India have some valuable suggestions and way-outs to consider:

Genuine support to families of employees

Most of the experts believe that genuine support to employees’ families can be the biggest motivational factor for the majority. Bosses simply saying we are here if you need us”, was never enough. Everyone has seen someone close to them terribly impacted in this pandemic. In such a period of intense vulnerability, imagine someone being there for them offering the stability, safety, and security that they need for themselves and their family. That is exactly where the employer steps up the ladder; from a boss to a responsible boss. This can be a game-changer in COVID times, offering a sense of togetherness that they need.

Rajorshi Ganguli, President and Global HR Head, Alkem

Rajorshi Ganguli, President and Global HR Head at Alkem Laboratories throws light on a few other things that can push your employees for good, “An employee will be motivated if they really love their work and find it enjoyable. Motivation comes from a wholesome combination of purposeful and meaningful work, good colleagues and managers, fair rewards, the opportunity to learn and grow in a positive culture, and a fulfilling family atmosphere. External interventions are important and act as a booster if the inherent drivers of motivation are present.”

Friendly work culture

The reduction to mere ‘Login Names’ especially in these COVID times has reduced their role to just Zoom calls. Employees have started questioning their role and importance in the company. An employer should reach out to the employees and strive extra to make them feel wanted. Make them realize their actual value in the company. Some informal discussions, the use of lingos or joke a little, even on the chats or meetings overcome the alienated feelings. And, on special occasions like festivals, celebrations, and in-house parties, informal-themed meetings with casual dressing will be great too.

Krishnan Vaidyanathan, GM HR, Asian Paints

Krishnan Vaidyanathan, GM HR, Asian Paints, also emphasizes the importance of friendly work culture in the following words, “Getting leaders to do things a little differently for which extra communication needs to happen. Leaders need to follow informal culture, do some open doors where employees can walk and speak. Enabling the leaders to reach across a little more, communicate and be there a little more in these constrained times.”

Let the experts do what they are best at

Sudakshina Bhattacharya, CHRO, HDFC ERGO General Insurance

This is where the role of professional motivators hops in. Experts, who understand the employee mindset, know their pain points and know exactly how to overcome those insecurities. The value of motivation is best described by Sudakshina Bhattacharya, CHRO, HDFC ERGO General Insurance“Having a motivational speaker works very well as they help open up the space for new learning, build perspectives and enable reflections. Also, a motivational speaker helps people create, challenge, and strengthen the world view.”

Vineet Gautam, CEO and Country Head, BESTSELLER South Asia

On the same line, Vineet Gautam, CEO and Country Head, BESTSELLER, South Asia adds, “External sessions definitely help stir the pot from time to time. A new voice has the potential to bring in new energy, enthusiasm, and a different perspective. Investing in this space can sometimes bring instantaneous results in employee productivity and performance. Fortunately, we have some great talent available nowadays and we must make the best use of it.”

Leaders are going above and beyond to bring in experts from different genres to create an agile and out-of-the-box thought process in their teams. Motivational sessions are a great tool to ensure the entire organization comes together and bonds over a story or an inspirational message. Hopefully, camaraderie, productivity and hope will return soon to the Indian business community.

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