The elasticity of time can be experienced with various states of mind. When you are happy, you experience it as moving fast as compared to when you are sad.”

Intro: Time is…

SLOW: When you wait.

FAST: When you are late.

DEADLY: When you are sad.

SHORT: When you are happy.

ENDLESS: When you are in pain.

LONG: When you are feeling bored

Every time it is determined by feelings and psychological conditions, not by clocks.  Although most of us are enslaved by the clock, the fact is that linear time broken up into hours, minutes, and seconds is a creation of man.

What is Time?

Time is an observed phenomenon through which human beings sense and record changes in the environment and the universe. Time is a measuring instrument of changes experienced by our mind. Mind and its states, along with senses and neural activities, result in perception, which results in TIME’s elasticity.

Relation of Time and Mind :

Emotions alter the experienced length of time. The mind contracts, when it is unhappy and time appears to be too long. It expands, when it is happy, time appears to be too short. When there is no mind, i.e. no thoughts or emotions, it transcends time. When it is dull or unconscious, it is unable to experience itself. The mind is excited or happy and at that time, time seems too short, and when the mind is miserable, time seems too long. Many resort to alcohol, sleep, etc. Samadhi, no-mindedness or timelessness, is peace, the Real peace. That is the greatest healer. Time is the greatest healer. Just like the mind experiences time, this moment has a mind of its own, a Big Mind with enormous and infinite organizing power. The thought is nothing but a ripple at this moment. Thus a few moments of no-mind state gives the mind a lot of energy before you fall into slumber or as soon as you wake up from sleep, in the moments of the twilight of Consciousness, experience the timelessness, because ewe feels 8 hours just like as flicker of a moment.

Time is Relative:

One explanation of Einstein’s relativity theory: When you sit with a pretty girl for two hours, you think it’s only a minute, but when you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think it’s two hours. That’s relativity.

The relation between Time, Mind and Consciousness

Time is not a fundamental physical reality like matter,  energy, and physical space.  It exists only when we measure it. It is also a mental model into which one experiences an irreversible stream of material change that runs into space.  Mind is creating time; consciousness has the ability to watch time as a mental model.

With eyes, we perceive an irreversible stream of material change that runs into atemporal space. Mind elaborates perception of material change into a model of linear time than we experience it. Material change  –  eyes  –  mind elaboration in time  –  experience Consciousness can watch and witness this process.

What is time perception?

Time perception is a field of study within psychology, cognitive linguistics, and neuroscience that refers to the subjective experience, or sense, of time, which is measured by someone’s own perception of the indefinite and unfolding duration of events.

Tachypsychia is a neurological condition that alters the perception of time, usually induced by physical exertion, drug use, or a traumatic event. It is sometimes referred to by martial arts instructors and self-defence experts as the Techy Psyche effect.

How to improve your perception of time naturally?

Bring freshness into life:

Children are so fresh and energetic. Time passes slowly for children in part because everything they’re seeing, doing, experiencing, smelling, hearing, and tasting is new and takes up a larger portion of their memory. They’ve only just arrived on this plane of existence, and their brains are working overtime to process an abundance of novelty. Each experience is fascinating.

In other words, doing the same routine every day barely registers in the brain. You don’t notice it. You don’t remember doing it. Thus, entire days are lost. When the mind does not perceive or experience new or different life patterns, Time moves fast for it.

Moving on is Motivation:

Moving on with awareness is simply motivation. Suppose you are motivated and moving on consciously, then your speed of working increases. Everyone knows that the faster you move through space, the slower time unfolds. We see this in sci-fi movies about astral explorers ageing more slowly on interstellar journeys. Still, there’s no reason it doesn’t also work on a local, micro-level, even if just barely and mostly imperceptible.

Work intelligently rather than mechanically:

When you work smartly and intelligently, your ability to acquire knowledge or information increases, stop walking into fixed patterns or like a robot. The more you walk intelligently, the more you save time. Stop multitasking and give your total while doing any specific job. Multitasking only makes time perception speed up, and it doesn’t even improve productivity.

Set achievable targets:

A lot of experiments have been done in this regard. One experiment has been done with two different groups. One group has been assigned a task but without any specific target. Another group also assigned the same task but with a specific target. The group who were not with the target took a very long time to complete, and their perfection was not up to the mark. The other group to whom the target has been assigned finished the work with more perfection. Achievable targets with a relaxed mind change to experience the way the mind perceives time.

Don’t be addicted to anything:

Addictions are those actions that force you to execute them either unconsciously or mechanically. Drugs, alcohols, and even the addition of mobile phones also speed up your perceived experience of time. You often used or spent hours together with social media on mobile phones, and you don’t remember.

Addiction to anything makes you automatic, and this automation in your nature speeds up brain time, and you lose too much of the valuable time of your life.

Keep a consistent check :

Always keeps on checking your present state of mind with the help of self-observation. Keeps on asking questions from the self, and you find yourself in worry, anger, stress, or with negative emotions, observe it and meditate to transform. This simple, consistent checking will not improve your time management, but you will feel new joy and peace with the same hours in the day.

Reduce Traffic of Mind:

Reduce traffic of thoughts as much as you can to feel nominated state to actually and spontaneously perceive the real-time which is always this moment rest is all part of memory or either past or future, with which you cannot do anything. No mind moments of your life makes you more creative, .successful and fast.

So have a nice time always.

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