Life is all about 300 seconds:

We have everything in this modernized world. Yes!! We have pizza huts, KFC layout in 3 places, McDonald’s, brand new IT parks in Coimbatore, the city is changing. Every part of our country is changing in an absolutely drastic manner with a layer labelled as High Income Group. As an individual and a Brand consultant by profession, I am no more if mobile and laptops don’t exist in this world. In our friends, peer group family etc., say 7 out 10 people depend on IT and IT-based services for their professional life.

We do have a wonderful growth in our lifestyle with no limits to educational standard, social gathering and living, exploring and experiencing the world with new experience, celebrating life, etc.

I completely agree that technology and its growth is making a huge impact on our lifestyle. Still, the alarming fact is that we are subjected to unnoticeable stress because of our societal and Personal commitments.

This Article is not about people handling modernization positively and efficiently towards self and societal growth. Still, it is purely about people who cannot withstand this threatening growth leading to a lot of physiological problems and stress!

1. How many of us are ready to spend 300 seconds listening to our dear ones’ problem? With any relationship, nowadays we have a problem of asking is this the right time to speak with you? Emotions and expressions cannot be packed, labelled and delivered at a particular time.

2. Consumer culture has nowadays become more into FORCED BUY. Recently we see people, especially college students being very adamant about what they want in gadgets, bikes and products but not in determining the goals of life. Just 300 seconds with their parents about what is really important in life will make a tremendous change.

3. Ego plays a great role in our day to life. We become egocentric somehow without being aware of it. A simple example can tolerate a sweeper /service member in a restaurant not addressing SIR & MADAM in front of the public even though they are older than us? Although we don’t react immediately, the question as to how dare he calls me like that will keep on ringing in our minds. We are becoming addicts to RESPECT DISEASE. If we spend those 300 seconds, we will understand what we are, whether we need that respect or not!!

4. This wired world has made our entertainment/ heroism centric that we slowly started erasing our human values, as various external forces drive us ourselves more different and unique! Just spend 300 seconds .. only then we will understand whether that heroism or labelled uniqueness means anything in our life!

5. Life has now become more like one person upliftment. We are motivated to achieve the fruit of success at any cost, even we obtain a victory! We are not willing to compromise with ourselves if we meet up with a failure! Just 300 seconds of self-realization is enough to achieve what you want in life because nobody is a better motivator than yourself. To protect ourselves and the basic values of humanity, Please spend 300 seconds every day. Together, we make strong pillars in constructing our BRAND NEW INDIA with more respect to human values because we are known for our value-is driven lifestyle.

Author: Rajeesh Kanna

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