In the spirit of the game: Cricket World Cup 2019

Games are played, some Won and some Lost. That’s what we call ‘Playing by the rules of the game’. A billion hearts were broken when India lost to New Zealand in the semi-finals of the  World Cup cricket match in England. Television channels were abuzz with opinions being given both by the experts and enthusiastic fans. We can’t take that democratic right away from the citizens who love their cricketing heroes almost as much as their gods. That is what describes a spirited emotional Indian.

It is not my aim to go into the technical details of team strategy or the skills or lack of It, displayed by various team members. I loved watching all the games played by the Indian team and could connect with the comradiere and team spirit displayed by them both on the ground and in the dressing room as viewed by us. All players displayed the highest levels of fitness through the tournament which confirms their dedication to the sport and the country as her ambassadors. Their conduct exhibited the spirit of an inspiring India which is on the verge of becoming a pivotal world power. The spirit of ‘ Never say Die’  was on display in the semi-finals game. Having lost three quick wickets, we still lost by just a few runs and kept the hope alive till the end. That is what we call the fighting spirit. Like they stay in war all strategies go up in the air when the first shot is fired, but here we were successful all through the tournament. Our strategies worked and we got results, so what if it failed one day. We have to give it to our team that a One day Match played over two days makes a difference in the ground situation, state of mind and breakdown of momentum.

Conduct of the team captain at the press briefing after the game was exemplary to say the least. He was honest in answering all the questions put forward by the ever-enthusiastic media and absolutely impressive in his conduct. The team did everything right in their preparation, performance and conduct, it is just that one result went wrong. The leadership displayed by the team captain and the commitment by the players was to be seen to be believed.  I would sum it up as a great performance by a spirited team which made India proud. We salute Team India and wish them great performance and fabulous results ahead.

Lt Gen Balbir Singh Sandhu

Author: Balbir Singh Sandhu

After serving the Indian Army for over 38 years, Balbir Singh Sandhu, an all-rounder Army veteran is currently working as a freelance advisor with Strategic Think Tanks upon his retirement., he was a constant contributor in bringing a positive change around for the betterment of his peers and others around him. He was the only second ASC officer to be promoted to the rank of LT General in the staff stream. As the Director General of Supplies and Transport, he restored procurement of supplies that were stalled for the past 2-3 years.

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