How an expert speaker can boost your business.

Expert Speakers

An expert speaker is much more than a simple speechmaker. Several business owners, large or small, reach out to experts to speak at their functions for a number of reasons. But the most crucial one is to reinvigorate an organization from top to bottom. The right kind of expert speaker can galvanize an otherwise listless workforce and can inspire and motivate employees by clarifying company objectives and outlining a cohesive, holistic approach to achieving goals that gets everyone involved.


According to an article on the Forbes magazine, studies show that at least 60% to 70% of employees are not engaged enough in their jobs or are disinterested in the tasks assigned to them. It also reveals that inefficiency and low productivity levels cost the U.S. losses amounting to $450 billion.

Still having second thoughts on if you need a professional to motivate and engage your workforce?

A corporate motivational speaker is a professional leader who can work really close to an organization’s management team. They will be able to determine its objectives, values and goals without putting pressure on the staff. Expert speakers are trained in holding presentations in the most meaningful and useful way. When proper motivational speaking is applied to the goals and values of a company, employees may take home that drive to strive harder. This would inevitably help them allow these principals in real life and help be more engaged in the workplace.

Moreover, a well-formulated plan is required to reap meaningful and long-lasting results from your corporate event. One way to gain the biggest ROI is to look outside of your organization for a fresh perspective, soliciting the help of some of the most successful people in business.

 Here are five reasons why you should hire experts to enhance the company’s expertise:


One of the most influential and important things that professional speakers can bring to the table is their share of success stories. Their compelling personal stories can be motivating because of it being first-hand and comes out of the experience. Through these stories and experiences, the speakers provide the kind of validation that we seek to be able to learn from them and their life-lessons. They also come up with numerous ways to integrate their subject’s expertise with their own life experiences through their powerful words and speech.

He also focuses on the audience, grasps the conference’s overall purpose, simplifies and understands entertainment value and pacing.

The fact that these speakers speak about their journey of successes and failures, and then use these examples to establish a relationship with the audiences’ experiences ultimately builds a strong connection to motivate your team. Speaker bureaus like Speakin gives you exposure to motivational speakers like Balraj Saini, Andrew Bryant and Ashish Janiani who could come of good use for businesses.


When it comes to creative problem solving, inspiration can go a long way, and finding the right speaker to reinforce it will maximise that potential. When employees get stuck in a rut, productivity inevitably suffers. Dealing with problems and performing strenuous tasks can often make team members bogged down, which may result in them feeling unmotivated and uninspired. This can create a lack of inspiration. Here is where a speaker comes into action. Sessions with speakers can also be reinvigorating to escape the day-to-day office life to take a breather. In situations like such, reliving stories of others and learning from how they got out of the bland phases of their life can prove to be highly motivating and inspiring.

A good expert speaker can step in and resolve these problems by infusing creativity and bring about new ideas to cure monotony. Taking your employees out of the daily office routine, putting them in front of a dynamic speaker, and having that speaker challenge them with ideas is the best way to motivate them. Using a speaker bureau like SpeakIn will ensure your company’s needs are met by finding the best business speaker for any event.


Team-building exercise is a fundamental tool in the world of business. Working off the principal of teamwork, a solid expert speaker will not only understand how to communicate a clear vision of your company’s goals. It will also ensure how to inspire teams to achieve their own internal goals. An expert speaker will not only get everyone involved, but will also making sure the staff is pulling together in a single direction.

Getting your employees to embrace, not only a single goal, but also to respect one another’s strengths and utilize them as a group, well, that’s a complex task.

However, if you choose the right speaker, it is achievable. They can help your team see each other, and the goals of your organization, in a new light. Sometimes the team just needs a bit of inspiration to adopt a new mindset.


By hiring an expert speaker, businesses are looking to achieve results. And good speakers will use all the tools at their disposal to produce those results. When it comes to job performance, employers need to consider whether employees are inspired to perform to the best of their potential.

Good expert speakers may be able to inspire motivation in the moment, but a great one will coax that potential out of an audience. They will ensure that the change they’ve sparked fuels better performance long after the conference has ended.


It is quite a common thing for companies and teams to fluctuate between highs and lows in performance, and consistent stress can take a toll on a team’s performance.

However, the speakers, through their life events can inculcate and help the teams to see things differently. This in a way will help in creating different perspectives among the teammates and inspire them to see their tasks in an entirely different light.


There are several speaker bureaus and platforms where you can approach suitable speakers for your business. Speaker bureaus like SpeakIn connects its clients to over 15000 experts globally for their knowledge, speaker sessions, training and learning requirements. Moreover, it covers over 500 topics so reaching out to a specific speaker is just a click away.


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