Expert Mentorship is YOUR key to extraordinary success

As a mid-career, coveted engineer-MBA combo, I was stuck and directionless. Had it not been for the nudge, faith and guidance that I got from my mentors in the seeding years of SpeakIn, am not sure how things would have panned out. More than me, it is my mentors who deserve full credit for where I stand today.

It is no secret that businesses with an active network of mentors and advisors scale better and faster than ones working by themselves. From Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sir Richard Branson to Steve Jobs, Larry Page and numerous others, world’s most prominent business leaders have often gone on record to thank their mentors for parts of their success.

Though – buyer beware, mentorship is not for the directionless, it is not a tool for setting your goals – your goals, your vision and your end point is yours. No one can define it for you. Expert Mentorship is an impeccable tool – to help you stay on track and make the journey as seamless as possible. Mentorship is for the problem solvers, and those willing to use innovation, feedback and endless effort to achieve their goals. So if you have set your eyes on a goal, here is why YOU need your own mentor to realise those goals:

1. A shoulder and a companion:

Consequences of a failure often set leaders back and impact productivity drastically. Young achievers often find themselves in situations where things don’t seem to go their way. A mentor can be your shoulder to cry on and a companion to make the best of your wins.

2. Capture that rolodex:

An industry veteran or a business leader is bound to have a rolodex that can help you. When someone chooses to mentor you, they open up fresh avenues for your business by connecting you with promising business contacts and decision makers.

3.  Years count:

A mentor can help your business significantly by sharing valuable lessons from his failures and successes. Having a person who has been there, done that can bring a positive influence and direction, both in your business and in your personal life.

4. Clear expectations:

Unlike half the population, your mentor will not have an ulterior motive to help you. He is not trying to sell you a product or a service. A mentor is someone who is on the job with only one agenda – help you build your business or professional self.

5. An outside-in perspective:

For any passionate leader, his emotional investment in the business can lead him to ignore critical blind spots and limitations. A good mentor can help in staying grounded and realistic in those peaks and troughs.

Having a mentor thus gives you an unfair advantage – a trusted expert who is ready to answer your calls, texts and emails. Giving you a huge head start over go-do-it-alone competitors. As they say, advice is cheap, but mentorship is worth its weight in gold.

Get yourself one.

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