Gokul Alex

Gokul Alex is a Digital Futurist with passion for Exponential and Emerging Technologies. He is currently working as the Chief Architect for Distributed Ledger Technologies in PwC India in Advisory Services focusing on Government and Public Sector. He has been recognised as one among the Top 20 Global Thought Leader on GovTech, EduTech & FinTech with expertise on AI, Analytics, Blockchain, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Data Science, IoT and Quantum Computing by Thinkers360 Platform. Gokul has been the keynote speaker, moderator and panelist for numerous technology conferences. He has authored four patents & published numerous articles & blogs. He reviewed a couple of books on AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity & Quantum Computing. Gokul is an advisor to numerous Startups, Think Tanks, Governmental & Non-Governmental Organisations, Social Networks, Regulatory Bodies and Business Consortiums.
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