Top 10 Trending Speakers of the Month – September 2020

This season, SpeakIn has been hosting online dialogues and discussions covering the most relevant issues featuring the top brass and the most seasoned minds. All you need to know of an industry is authentically dissected in these pointed and simple webinar sessions. 


For the upcoming SpeakIn’s new e-learning platform Nimble, Founder Deepshikha Kumar says, “With content in five languages and growing, we aim to bring premium content not only to white-collar professionals comfortable in English but also to multilingual front-line sales, operational and diversified client-facing workforce.” Granted that sometimes the old ways are the best, SpeakIn has adapted well to the status quo continuing online with the dynamic exchange of ideas across spheres wide and varied. Whether it is through live discussions, opinion pieces, or bite-sized content, we have gleaned enough from the top 10 speakers of the month of September for a quick read:


M.S Dhoni (Former Captain, Indian National Cricket Team)


A name of mnemonic fame among Indians across the world, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the former captain of the Indian National Cricket Team. He recently announced his retirement after a dream run of fifteen years which saw India lifting all the coveted trophies including the World Cup. In a result-oriented world, he prescribes, “The process is more important than the result. If you take care of the process, you will get the results.”


Vita Dani (Co-Owner, Indian Super League)


Vita Dani is the Ultimate Table Tennis League chairperson & co-owner of the Indian Super League (ISL) franchise Chennaiyin FC. Talking of an adaptive model for the sport,

 she says, “The need is to create an experience for the fans, which we have already done through major innovation on digital platforms. Being the first and the only team to do so, we are ahead of the curve.”


Alpesh Shah (Managing Director & Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group, India)


Mr. Alpesh Shah is the Managing Director & Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group India. Bringing in insights from his stints in the insurance, financial services, and technology sectors, he observes: “The impact of COVID-19 on companies is widespread but the impact on different sectors is different. Some services have spiked up, such as healthcare, but many others face a big hit to demand.”


Vinit Bhansali (Vice President, Orios Venture Partners)


Vinit is a serial entrepreneur turned investor and the Vice President of Orios Venture Partners. According to him, the three things most important for a founder before fundraising is “Understanding market size, deep insight into the customer psyche, and having the right team in place.”

Santrupt Misra (CEO, Birla Carbon, Aditya Birla Group)


Dr. Santrupt Misra is currently Chief Executive Officer at Birla Carbon for the Aditya Birla Group. Recently appointed as Addl. Director of Grasim, he says, “Businesses should treat these times as an opportunity to identify new ways of operating and study consumer behavior to draw learnings. Leaders need to inspire and win public confidence so people feel safe at retail stores and other public places.”


Sanjay Srivastava (Business Transformation Leader | #MakeInIndia Expert)


Sanjay is the former CEO and Board Director at Mahindra World City and is acknowledged amongst country’s most prominent business growth leader. He is a leading voice on Sustainable Cities, “Make in India”, and building business ecosystems. Even during the lockdown, ecosystems such as MWC remained operational during which, he highlights, “Our approach to unlocking had to ensure a balance between lives and livelihood with safety at the core.” 


Gaurav Chattur (Co-founder & Managing Director, Catenon India)


Mr. Chattur is the Co-founder & Managing Director at Cátenon India. “There is band-aid recruitment and tactical recruitment: while the former wants to fix something that is broken, the latter, which is successful, knows what competencies are needed and if the aspirations are well-aligned,” says Gaurav summarizing company behavior.


Shatbhi Basu (India’s first professional bartender)


Shatbhi Basu, India’s first professional woman bartender, has held the distinction for over three decades. When trying to recognize your calling, she suggests, “Find the time to look inside and breathe a little. Find the spirit that will fight for you. I found it in my glass, then in my soul, and then I went out and did things.”


Nigel Penny (Owner and Managing Director, NSP Strategy Facilitation)


Nigel Penny is the Owner and Managing Director at NSP Strategy Facilitation. On emerging stronger from COVID, he explains, “We’re seeing in so many organizations how much people have been able to achieve working remotely without the normal command and control processes. Given a bit of freedom and relaxation, people have become more productive.”


Dr. Rashmi Shetty (Celebrity Dermatologist)


Dr. Shetty is a celebrity dermatologist and an expert in aesthetic medicine. Regarded as one of the best in India, she has over two decades of experience in the field. Home remedies, she feels, is a problematic domestic habit in the country. Her take: “Not all home remedies are safe. Certain natural ingredients may not suit your skin. Prescription skincare is your best bet.”

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