Top 10 Trending Speakers – April 2021

April 2021 has been an excruciating month for India, with the sudden onset of COVID cases and the healthcare. In these harrowing times, SpeakIn in partnership with India Ahead is launching a series of talks by top inspirers and their stories this country has seen. On this initiative, Deepshikha Kr. Anand, founder of SpeakIn says “Let’s come together is where India will be able to join, talk, smile and cry together and above all see the silver line. This is a reminder that we are not in this alone. #IAmHereForYou”

For the month of April, here are the top ten trending speakers of the month:


Pullela Gopichand

Pullela Gopichand coached both Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu to their Olympic medals. A former Olympian, he was the second Indian to win the All England Open Badminton Championships. A sought after motivational speaker, he says “Badminton has huge potential to become a sport for the masses. It requires fewer playing partners and can be played in limited space. When I met the Hudle team I realised that they had perfectly capitalised on this uniqueness about the sport by using technology to make it accessible to everyone. I am very excited to be on-board and help them unlock new opportunities”


Gulshan Rai

Gulshan Rai the Chief Information Security Officer at the Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India. As the Executive Director at ERNET India, Dr. Rai was instrumental in setting up the first large scale education and research network. On the current technology landscape, he remarks, “Digital transformation has seen a sea change over the years and the fourth wave of digital transformation that we have today is marked by the emergence of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), clouds, data analytics, big data, and cyber security”.


Sergey Ryzanskiy

A Hero of the Russian Federation, Sergey Ryazanskiy, is the world’s first scientist who became a spacecraft commander. He has performed 2 space flights, lasting in total  306 days, done 4 spacewalks lasting in  total 27 hours 35 minutes. “Astronauts are really creative – you are absolutely without any connection to Earth and with very limited resources, so you have to be really creative with organizing your life.”, Sergey explains.


Alan Greenberg

Previously Director Apple Education EMEA and then Director Apple Education China/AsiaPAC, Aland Greenberg Led the team who built Education Podcasting, project managed the launch of iTunes U.

“The use of AI in data is becoming more interesting as dissemination and distribution of data becomes accessible. I personally like blockchain in the area of assessment.” Alan Greenberg comments on the use of technology in education.

Pulak Ghosh

Dr. Pulak Ghosh is the Professor of Decision Sciences and Information Systems at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. Professor Ghosh also serves as a senior fellow at NITI Aayog and in the Advisory group of Big data at the United Nations (UN) Global Pulse, a big data initiative by the UN. Prof Ghosh. In his keynotes ‘Strategies on Data Economy’ he shares,, “We are in the era where whether we analyse data or not, we are producing it even when sleeping. The question is then (1) how do we store it and (2) how do we analyze it?


Manavi Baveja

Manavi Baveja is the Global Head-Organization Development at Uber. Talking about developing vision endurance and strategy to drive change in the workplace , Manavi Baveja says, “Both vision and strategy are like moving targets; they are definitely changing. If people are not changing within organisations then they are missing out on opportunities.”


Ritesh Jain

Ritesh is the former COO at HSBC and led the future of payments for VISA,introduced Apple Pay, built a wealth management company as a founder CTO. “This time is very different than what we have seen

during the global financial crisis because in the previous crisi started from the financial services but this crisis has started from people and started impacting the other industries”, Ritesh Jain remarks on the current scenario.


Smita Tharoor

She is the co-founder of Culturelytics, a company that uses artificial intelligence to understand culture in an organisation. She is also a podcaster on Stories of Unconscious Bias where  she has interviewed people around the world to share their stories and life lessons on how they manage their unconscious

Biases, on which she says ”Unconscious bias is fundamentally about our life experiences and how we are influenced and make snap judgements, based on our personal stories.”


Shamoly Khera

Having been the face of various television networks like UTV, Zee TV Middle East, MBC Bollywood, Shamoly Khera is a TV presenter, Producer, public speaker and Speaking coach. “Our only job in this world actually is not to be like anyone else, but to be the best version of ourselves.”  Shamoly reflects.


Tannishta Ganguly

Tannishta leads procurement IT delivery for Kimberley Clark as its Global Head. She has been recognized by one of India’s leading Supply Chain magazines as a key innovator and future leader in the domain. In a recent talk, she “In the wake of the pandemic, an organization’s ability to adapt quickly to supply chain  disruptions, time to market pressures, and rapidly changing customer expectations has become critical.“


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