Top 10 Trending Experts – January 2021


The year 2021 is already off to a great start as the entire world was looking forward to the new year and was waiting for 2020 to officially end. Many great leaders are already making headlines for infusing enthusiasm into the year 2021 with their fantastic speeches and their thought provoking ideas. These people are determined to make the best of this year.

SpeakIn is bringing a fresh new edition of their highly famed Top Ten Experts series. On the release of the first edition of 2021 Top Ten, Deepshikha Kumar, Founder, SpeakIn expresses her delight, “In just a matter of a year, the Top Ten Experts series by SpeakIn has become a highly coveted feature. Some of the finest leaders in the nation look forward to each new edition of this series and express their willingness to invite these fantastic speakers for their mega events. I’m grateful to all the fantastic Experts out there, who create massive value through their speeches at the various organizations and forums they speak at”.

Kicking off the January edition, SpeakIn presents the Top Ten Experts for January 2021.

N.R. Narayana Murthy

One of the most respected leaders across the world, Infosys Founder, Narayana Murthy is the pinnacle of as good and humble the leadership gets. Taking up the critical issue of problems of Corporate Governance in India, he shares his thoughts, “The deficits in corporate governance in India stem from the primary problem of increasing agency cost and related transactions that benefit the owner managers and the professional management. This problem translates to using public resources illegally to make oneself richer. This problem will be reduced when there is a cultural transformation in India. When using public money for personal benefits will be punished heavily and when the society ostracises such offenders very severely.”   

M. Damodaran

Meleveetil Damodaran is an Indian corporate advisor and mentor. He is a retired IAS officer and has served as the Chairman of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Damodaran has been a champion of good corporate governance in India. On the recent developments in the nation, he expressed his views, “If you look at three major organs of the government, for years the judiciary has stepped into the areas of the executive. On occasion, perhaps legitimately, because the executive did not measure up, did not do what was expected of it. In recent times, the judiciary is getting into the areas of legislature.”

Atul Kumar Goel

The Chairman and Managing Director of the UCO Bank, Atul Kumar Goel is widely recognized for changing the face of the bank after assuming his current role. After making losses consecutively for 17 quarters, the UCO Bank showed a dramatic improvement making profits for the first time in years under his leadership. On continuing the streak of profits, he commented, “To make the operating profit of the bank sustainable, we have utilized technology. We have around 3086 branches with a monitoring system in place that is centrally administered. However, despite that, some branches still end up doing refinancing which again creates the problem of NPAs. To address this issue, we are putting in place a technology infrastructure.”

Captain Raghu Raman

A professional with one of the most unique career profiles, Captain Raghu Raman has spent eleven years as an officer in the Indian Armed Forces, followed by another eleven years in the corporate sector before joining the Government as CEO of the National Intelligence Grid. “But the VUCA world requires a completely new style of leadership. And to understand that, we must first grasp the difference between “incremental transformation” of the business ecosystem over the past decades and the “disruptive revolution” that is happening now.”

Harimohan Paruvu

Harimohan Paruvu is an Indian author, former cricketer, columnist, screenwriter and motivational speaker, widely recognized for his books centered on the game of Cricket. “Creativity as I found is about creating these many options most of them seemingly meaningless labor but then among these thousands of deliveries that the fast bowler bowls or this lakhs of words that we write if you understand the essence of creativity.”

Samiran Ghosh

Currently the Chief Evangelist at Rockmetric leading Innovation and Product Development Samiran was a Senior Advisor with McKinsey and is an acknowledged influencer in the emerging technology arena.“Just as a pet blindly mirrors its trainer’s instructions and personality, AI mirrors its creators’ input, biased or not. Thus, the root of the problem goes far deeper than AI ethics but becomes a question of human morality and the concept of “fairness” itself and how it can be defined and measured.”

Vinati Saraf Mutreja

Managing Director and CEO at Vinati Organics Limited, Vinati a has been featured in Forbes Asia’s Businesswomen 2020 list. The World Economic Forum (WEF) named her as a Young Global Leader for 2020. Vinati was also recently listed in The Economic Times annual “India’s Top 40 under 40” for 2019. “Women don’t see other women in this industry and are hence, hesitant to join. It is important to break this cycle so that when our daughters are in the workspace they don’t feel like a minority. Women bring in diversity and empathy and a different dimension to any discussion.”

Indranil Mukherjee

Indranil is a dedicated and accomplished leader who is currently Managing Director of B. Braun Medical (India), Ahlcon Parenterals (India) and Oyster Medi safe. He has served at regional and local levels for more than two decades in the Healthcare Industry. Sharing his views about Leadership, Indranil comments, “I truly believe that leadership is not just about a title. It’s definitely a privilege. It gives you the privilege of taking decisions using the combination of the aptitude and the knowledge that you have acquired. Something that one has to be adroit with is having a dual lens, kind of like a bi-focal – which means that you need to be having a long term view which means that you should be able to align everything with the vision. But at the same time, you should be tactical as well.”

Nitin Potdar

Nitin Potdar is a Sr. M&A Partner of India’s Leading Law Firm J. Sagar & Associates. He is noted as ‘Highly Regarded M&A Lawyer of 2021’ by IFLR 1000. The Legal 500 recognises him as ‘The Most influential & significant Lawyer in 2019’. Chambers and Partners London in their M&A/India and commentators have appreciated his proactive approach, and his ability to ‘to get the deal done’. “‘The National Education Policy 2020 needs investment on priority from the budget and financial incentive to the EdTech sector including the abolition of GST of 18 per cent levied on the education sector for next five years.’, he remarked on the recent budget.’ 

Avneet Kohli

AAvneet Kohli is a Mindset & Communication Coach, Award-winning Presenter and an Inspirational Speaker. She has been the presenter of choice by reputed names such as Apple, Samsung, L’Oreal and Google to name a few. “No matter what your aspirations – Master your mind, Believe in yourself and Work on your packaging. Don’t let self doubt and the fear of failure nip your dreams in the bud.”


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