Real Estate Use and Design Changes: Lessons from COVID19

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Moderator: Kanika Soni, Moderator, SpeakIn
Speaker: Amit Diwan, MD and Country Head, Hines, D. Vishwanathan, Director, Design & Projects, RSP Design Consultants, Kunal Chaudhari, Director, Udayan Chaudhari & Associates
Date: 12 June, 2020
Time: 05:00 PM
Duration: 45 Minutes
Price: Rs. 0

This exciting panel discussion features some of the best known experts in domains of design, development and investments in real estate. Past pandemics have shaped the way cities and buildings are managed and designed today. While Covid caught us offguard, there is no excuse for not being prepared in the future for such business continuity risks. What challenges do pandemics pose to buyers, occupiers and developers of residential and commercial real estate and how could we address these? Some of the questions that would be answered are as below:
•    How has Covid impacted end-users of commercial and residential real estate?
•    Can the way a building is designed, have an impact on your health and daily life?
•    What will the end-users and buyers of real estate expect?
•    What are the recommended changes that developers and estate managers could build in short term and long term? What is cost effective?
•    Would apartments need to be more modular and cater to office from home?
•    How do we need to adapt our ventilation and internal circulation systems?
•    How far are we from ecologically sustainable buildings, which end users want?