Future of Organizational Learning

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Date: 28 August, 2020
Time: 05:00 PM
Duration: 60 Minutes
Price: Rs. 0

The worforce at an organization in the 21st century no longer see their work as just a mode of employment. The employees today are aligned to grow in their careers and learn more as they work for an organization. The Learning and Development at organizations play a massive role in the learning and skilling of its people and ensuring that they are at par with global trends. The year 2020 has again brought the L&D into focus. There is a heavy reliance on technology that ever before, there is a need to understand sales strategies that work during economic crises, there is a need for upskilling of the workforce and there is also the issue of employee motivation and productivity. Join us in conversation with Carmistha Mitra who takes us through the trends in organizational learning today and how it will impact the learning in future.