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Shamoly Khera

Shamoly Khera

SpeakIn Expert Speaker

Shamoly Khera

SpeakIn Expert Speaker

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Shamoly Khera is a multi-faceted speaker. She is a TV presenter, Producer, public speaker and Speaking coach. Born and raised in Mumbai, Shamoly has global exposure and a rich experience of addressing audience in international markets. Having been the face of various television networks like UTV, Zee TV Middle East, MBC Bollywood and having studied theatre and stage acting, presenting has been a first love as it helps her connect to a wide audience across ages, cultures & continents....Read More

Dr. Shamoly Khera is a Public Speaking Coach & Communication Expert. She assists groups in acing effective communication & presenting skills. Backed by solid medical knowledge, she is an expert in Emotional Intelligence & neuroscience that influences human behaviour. She has been a Media personality& TV presenter for 10 years and has hosted shows on leading media networks- both in India & Internationally - like ZEE TV Middle East, TLC India, Viacom UK, Middle East Broadcasting Corporation, Colors TV India amongst others. Her articles have appeared in leasing publciaions like Femina, Gulf News, ET, etc. She is also coaching start ups entrepreneurs for effective pitch presentation to investors.

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  • Organisation:

    One Media
  • Designation:

    Founder & Coach
  • Industry:

    Education And Training
  • Function:

    Human Resources
  • Location:

    Mumbai, India
  • Delivery Type:

  • Public Speaking: How can we get over the fear of addressing a large gathering and be an effective communicator?
  • Time Management: How do you manage your time to achieve maximum productivity?
  • Presentation Skills: How to ensure effective presentation delivery and keep the audience engaged throughout?
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