Atul Tripathi
Delhi NCR
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Atul Tripathi

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Artificial Intelligence and Technology


The expert is a Data Scientist with over 15 years of experience. He is author of two books on Machine Learning and AI and is currently working as a consultant to Government of India. He works with the office of PMO, New Delhi on Artificial Intelligence based Policy Research & Strategy Development for Governance, Social Media, IoT, IoE, Blockchain. His work is further utilised by the government for AI/ML/Analytics, Policy Governance, Anti Money Laundering, Indian Railways, Energy Markets, Risk Modelling in Finance, Quantitative Finance, Human Speech Recognition, Telecommunication, Image Processing. He holds a Licentiate Degree from Indian Institute of Insurance.

SpeakIn Testimonials

  • Organisation:Government of India
  • Designation:Principal Data Scientist and Consultant
  • Industry:Government
  • Function:Information Technology
  • Location:Delhi NCR
  • Delivery Type:Panel Discussion

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