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Arvind Gupta, Co-Founder of Digital India Foundation, heads a think tank focusing on Digital Inclusion, Smart Cities, Internet Governance, Data Privacy, and more. He has 27+ years of experience across industries and leadership roles in India and Silicon Valley. He's a Professor at IIT-BHU, teaching "Data and Digital Economy," and an influential member of global tech councils. He led PM Modi's MyGov initiative and digital campaign in the 2014 elections. Arvind was recognized with awards like the Eisenhower Global Fellowship for Innovation. A key contributor to IndiaStack and DBT, he's...Read More

Arvind Gupta is the Head and Co-Founder of Digital India Foundation, a policy think tank working in areas of Digital Inclusion, Smart Cities, Internet Governance, Data Privacy & Cyber Security, Electronics Manufacturing. He is an Adjunct Professor at IIT-BHU, teaching “Data and Digital Economy”. 


He has over 27 years of industry experience, having worked in diverse sectors in a variety of leadership, policy, and entrepreneurial profiles in India and Silicon Valley, USA. He has considerable experience in Consumer Internet, Digital Media, Payment Systems, Analytics, and Data Economy. He has been on the Global FinTech Top100 list of Influencers and also the Member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council on Digital Economy & Society, OECD Expert Member of Global Value Chains. He has been awarded the Eisenhower Global Fellowship for Innovation for the year 2014. He has been awarded the DataQuest Pathbreaker of the year award and Distinguished Centenary Alumni award from IIT-BHU.


In his last role, he was the CEO of MyGov, an initiative of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, to Empower Citizens of India with Participative Governance and Digitally communicate Schemes and Policies to all Indians. 

He led the Digital, Social Media and Communication Campaign for PM Narendra Modi, which resulted in PM Modi creating electoral history and achieving its Mission 272+ in the 2014 Elections. 


He is a Member of the Founder’s Circle of iSPiRT, which has worked extensively on the "IndiaStack". He is one of the thought leaders in implementing DBT throughout India. He is an active member of TiE, NASSCOM, and Founder Member of iSPiRT. He also co-founded startups such as, ApnaPay, Ideaswall amongst others. Mr. Gupta is also a frequent speaker at various industry and Global forums. He is visiting faculty at IIT, Management Schools, Innovation Forums and has published many articles on #DigitalEconomy, Value of Data, #GovTech in leading papers of India, Harvard Business Review, and World Economic Forum.


Mr. Gupta graduated with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IIT-BHU, Varanasi. He has a Masters in Computer Science and MBA (Finance & Marketing) from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

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  • Organisation:

    Digital India Foundation
  • Designation:

    Co-Founder and Head
  • Industry:

  • Function:

    Digital Transformation
  • Location:

    Delhi, India
  • Delivery Type:

    Keynote Talk
  • Digital India: How is the Indian consumer behaviour and how can business tap into their potential through the cloud?
  • Cloud Analytics: How is cloud computing changing the sales and marketing segment of organisations?
  • Data Privacy and Cyber Security: How can an organisation ensure that there are no breach of private data or cyber frauds?
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"Great Leader, Focused CEO and a person with immediate solution . I have worked under his leadership and it was a eye-opening experience with him.

Kamal Vashisht Head, Strategy & Alliance, ApnaPay

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Arvind Gupta Sir is truly one of the leading visionaries of today's digital world. I learnt a lot about how India is leading in terms of grassroot level innovation.

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