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Have you ever felt bored and uninterested at work? Do you feel you are working hard and not seeing results? Does your day end with frustration and disillusionment? But what happened? After all, you loved this job.
It could be 'leader's block', a phase where leaders feel demotivated and unengaged.
Meet Ritu Mehrish - an executive coach and mentor, dedicated to humanizing great leaders and helping them overcome "Leader's Block". 

Key takeaways

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Expert Credentials

Ritu G. Mehrish is the founder of Un:Block, an organisation working towards making leadership human. An internationally acclaimed leadership coach, she stretches the leaders out of their comfort zone by challenging them with compassion and providing them support. Her coaching experience includes working in large multinational organizations, non-profits and entrepreneurs. Ritu has over 18 years of corporate experience in leading and working with teams across the world ? US, UK, Latin America, Europe, Philippines, Singapore and India. Some of her clients include Google, PayPal, Swiss Re, JP Morgan, Applied Materials, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Future Group, Axis Bank, Wharton Executive Education, and more. Ritu has held several leadership positions in running global operations and managing client relationships

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