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SpeakIn Open Mic Bengaluru: Inspiration Unplugged with Shashi Kalyanpur


In this course, Shashi gives an impassionate speech about the need to be proactive about mental health and asks us to embrace freedom through our minds.

Key takeaways

1. The importance of training your mind, just as one trains the body in a gym.
2. Embracing one's individuality and being your authentic self.
3. To not make money the end goal of everything and chasing happiness beyond wealth.

Expert Credentials

Former state badminton champion, speaker, and thought leader in human potential, Shashi's clients include world-class entertainers, professional athletes, CEO’s and global organizations. He helps redesign one's subconscious mind to drive behavior and inspire a new way of living, which is a journey from limitations and stress to freedom and joy.

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