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Shades of Leadership: Keynote Address


In this video, Deepshikha kickstarts the SpeakIn Leadership Conclave with her keynote address, talking about the conceptualization of SpeakIn and thanking the attendees

Key takeaways

1. About SpeakIn,
2. Public Speaking and Thought Leadership as a practice in India

Expert Credentials

Often counted amongst the most-networked entrepreneurs of India, Deepshikha is at the helm of making a global mark with her startup - SpeakIn, Asia’s largest network of business experts and thought leaders.

One of the most respected women entrepreneurs in the region, Deepshikha is the winner of 2020 Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs by Ministry of MSME Government of India and 2019 and 2017 Asia Women Icon Award Singapore, which celebrates Excellence in Entrepreneurship. Deepshikha was most recently honoured by Google and SheThePeople.TV with the 2020 Digital Women Award in Leadership and Marketing.

Deepshikha is a TEDx speaker. She is an author and an avid guide on building excellence in speech, Deepshikha recently finished her first book titled  '101 Lessons to be a Damn Good Speaker!' - the official SpeakIn guide to becoming a five-star speaker. Most relevant for professional and aspiring speakers alike.

In sync with Deepshikha’s vision of creating an open talent economy, SpeakIn was founded in 2016, allowing businesses and individuals an access to handpicked experts in over 500 genres. Having completed its second round of funding in 2020, SpeakIn has expanded its network to over 12 countries in Asia from Singapore to Hong Kong, and from Israel to Indonesia.

With the core philosophy to create a large yet highly-curated network, Deepshikha works non-stop with speakers and industry experts globally to inspire, motivate and channelize expertise. Thought leaders like Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Dr. Subrahmanyam Swami, Dr. Bimal Jalan, Nandan Nilekani and more have spoken on the SpeakIn platform.

Deepshikha is a B.Tech. in IT from Delhi University and is an alumnus of the ISB, Hyderabad and the Wharton School of Business. She is also a bonafide Member of TiE - Global and Young FICCI Ladies Organization and continues to inspire young entrepreneurs with her zeal and her entrepreneurial spirit. Passionate about education, Deepshikha serves as an honorary faculty for leading Business Schools and writes actively on industry interests for Economic Times and association journals. Some of her most regarded writings are on inclusion such as the one on: Encourage, Engage, Prosper: Women in the Indian Industry. 

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