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Romancing the Balance Sheet


In this course, Dr. Anil Lamba talks about how to read a balance sheet, he speaks about the fundamentals of Assets and Liabilities and he explains the basics of Capital, Profit, Revenues and other such Accounting terms.

Key takeaways

1. How to read a Balance Sheet, including Assets and Liabilities in a T-form
2. How to calculate credit, debit and owner's capital and loans
3. How to give loans with a commensurate risk and return
4. What is working capital, inventory, cash
5. How to calculate Sales, Revenue, Tax, Profit etc

Expert Credentials

A practicing chartered accountant, bestselling author, financial literacy activist and international corporate trainer, Dr. Anil Lamba holds degrees in commerce and law, and a doctorate in taxation. He is a prolific writer with several books to his credit, and has contributed over fifteen hundred articles to leading newspapers and magazines. He is the founder-director of Lamcon School of Management, a renowned business school located at Pune, India.

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