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Post Lockdown India - Public Policy and Concerns


The COVID19 crisis has drastically changed the way the entire world functions. As unlockdown is in force in many parts of the world, the new world we are seeing is very different from what it looked at at the beginning of 2020. India is no exception to this and is set to witness a new post-lockdown era. The challenges still remain in terms of health infrastructure, business, and economy. The government will have an unprecedented role in making India stand and rise again. The support in form of policy interventions and relief packages is in need of the hour.

Key takeaways

1. What is the current situation of the coronavirus from the perspective of the Government?
2. What has been the Government's response been?
3. A critique on the administration strategies to combat the pandemic.
4. How good is the healthcare infrastructure in India?
5. How is the Atmanirbhar package beneficial?
6. Do we have the distribution network for a vaccine.
7. How is the herd immunity concept applied to India?

Expert Credentials

Public Policy Specialist, NITI Aayog.

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