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New Opportunities for Workplace Diversity


How we adapt to lockdowns and stay-at-home orders has implications for diversity and inclusion efforts. Consider video conferences, which have gone mainstream as people telework to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Do unconscious biases come into stark relief during Zoom calls? Are video-conference protocols helpful to ensuring that all employees are heard? Do we learn more from quiet staff members, or do we see them become even quieter when faced with the awkwardness of speaking on screen as though they’re broadcasting a live report for TV? Does everyone have the technical capacity or living situation to do Zoom calls?

Key takeaways

1. How WFH affects diversity and inclusion?
2. How pandemic lockdown is affecting physical and emotional distancing?
3. How to overcome challengs of WFH?

Expert Credentials

Behavioural Scientist, Partner at Semcostyle Institute India and Advisor to Board at Caere India

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