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Maintaining Self and Mental Well-Being


In this course, Dr. Lisa Bélanger gives some actionable tips to cope with the new normal - both in professional and personal lives.

Key takeaways

  1. Tips to maintain positivity in this time.
  2. Coping up with isolation and virtual reality.
  3. Preparing for and humanizing remote workspaces.

Expert Credentials

With a Ph.D. in Behavioural Medicine, Dr. Bélanger is the CEO and founder of ConsciousWorks, a consulting firm that helps everyone from executives to entrepreneurs apply the findings from leading-edge scientific analyses to maximize their mental and physical well-being at work and at home.

Dr. Bélanger is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist; a past Honorary Research Associate at Swansea University, Wales; researcher and instructor at the University of Calgary; instructor at the University of Alberta Executive Education and the author of Inspire Me Well: Finding Motivation to Take Control of Your Health. Additionally, she is the founder of Knight’s Cabin, a national non-profit offering no-cost wellness programming to cancer survivors.

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