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In this course, Faith James talks about her learnings on why it is more critical than ever to level up your social media brand presence

Key takeaways

1. How to create a customized branding for your product 
2. How to leverage social media to crerate positive impressions about your brand 
3. Analysis on consumer consumtion patterns and using that to your effe.

Expert Credentials

Faith James, CEO and Chief Brand Strategist at The Personal Branding Consultancy,LLC. Faith James is recognized as a successful marketing and branding executive in Corporate America. She has over 25+ years experience in the advertising and marketing industry and has received several awards for creating branding and communications campaigns for Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Microsoft, Pepsi, Mary Kay and Liberty Mutual to name a few. Faith has published articles and blog content on advertising and brand development and speaks frequently at industry shows such as the Advertising Research Federation and The American Marketing Association.

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