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Lessons in Leadership


The COVID19 pandemic has brought the pharmaceutical sector into the limelight. In just a couple of weeks, a billion eyes suddenly are looking at the pharma industries for solutions. From masks, to testing kits to even expecting the production of the vaccine against COVID19, there are a lot of ""duties"" that pharma sector stands to fulfil. In such a scenario, how does one person tackle challenges and keep the team motivated? With an increased demand and a shocked supply chain, how does a leader take the entire organization and inspires people for the greater good?

Key takeaways

1. How to inspire leadership?
2. How to create a leadership environment?
3. How to find the right mentors?
4. Leadership in a crisis situation like the COVID19 pandemic?
5. What is the importance of passion in a career?
6. When to do a career change?
7. How to instill diversity in the leadership?

Expert Credentials

MD, Merck Specialities Pvt Ltd

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