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HR and Nurturing Talent During Testing Times - 2


Human Resources function, today, is going through a drastic evolutionary change. HR in its traditional sense is now considered a relic and the new HR that has emerged is based on the foundations of empathy, adaptability, and most importantly on technology. At the same time, the HR function has an unprecedented role to play in nurturing the talent at an organization. Enabling upskilling for employees and helping them work remotely are some functions that have become the most valued for attracting talent. In this webinar, Indranil Choudhury takes us through the new 'evolved' HR that is needed today and how it is helping nurture the talent during testing times.

Key takeaways

  1. The evolutionary change in the role of HR.
  2. What are the new characteristics of HR as a function?
  3. How to retain and nurture talent during pandemic times?
  4. Tools and Techniques HR to use to perform their roles better.

Expert Credentials

Head, HR, UTI Mutual Funds

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