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"Effective Communication Skills" Part 2 by Sumedh Kulkarni



Be it your personal or professional life, communication skills are the most basic skills that are required to excel and climb the corporate ladder. In this course we will learn different aspects of communication both written and verbal. When participants apply this in their daily lives they will surely see a difference and the impact they make.

Sub Topic

[1.Public Speaking]

Bet you never wanted to be on stage in front of a large audience or let even present before your colleagues, boss or peers.Let’s understand in this module how to improve your public speaking skills,adopt persuasive communication to sell that idea you always wanted to get out to the world. 

[2.Persuasive Communication]

You need to sell your ideas, your concepts and when you are looking for a job you sell your skills and indirectly yourself. Learn how you can persuade and influence people to convince them about your product/service/ideas/thoughts and in the process become a better salesperson.

[3.Art of listening]

Surely you want to listen to the best of music, speeches or yearn for those compliments from your boss,right? But do you really LISTEN to the instructions that have been given to you?Let’s look at the art of listening and how to be a better listener.


The communication process is incomplete without a feedback. Imagine if everything was just a one way communication process. Let’s learn the importance of feedback and how to take feedback. After all it’s the final thread in the long process of ideation to messaging to execution to closure.


Key takeaways

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